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Shib Army News: Shiba Television Expands Its Reach and Engagement on Kick Platform



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Shiba Television, a renowned channel within the Spanish-speaking ecosystem, is making waves on the Kick platform. Known for its weekly news updates and captivating interviews featuring Shibarium and gaming projects, Shiba Television has become a go-to destination for those seeking the latest developments in the community.


While Shiba Television focuses primarily on delivering news and interviews, it also offers a range of audiovisual products for companies or projects on its website, These products include videos, social media content, advertising campaigns, and more, empowering organizations to enhance their brand visibility.

Excitingly, Shiba Television recently joined Kick, expanding its reach and gaining more traction. The channel can now be found on the Kick platform, enabling a wider audience to engage with its content and further amplifying its influence within the community.

The team at Shiba Television has always been committed to fostering interaction and engagement. In line with this vision, they have announced a special event for the entire Hispanic community of Shibarium—an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. This Sunday at 6:00 PM UTC, participants will have the opportunity to join the AMA and interact with the hosts, including @ShibaXanders and co-host @RagnarShiba. The session promises to be an informative and insightful discussion, bringing the community closer together.


In addition to the AMA, Shiba Television is thrilled to present the SHIBATV RAFFLE contest, hosted on the Kick platform at With a prize pool of 2 million SHIB tokens, participants have an exciting chance to win free Shib. To enter, simply retweet their post, follow the Shiba Television Kick account, and mention the three hidden accounts in the video along with any other accounts featured in the content. The contest adds an element of thrill and rewards participants for their engagement and knowledge of the ecosystem.

Shiba Television’s presence on Kick has also opened doors for new collaborations and opportunities. This development expands the platform’s content offerings and provides viewers with even more engaging experiences.

With its comprehensive coverage of news and interviews within the Spanish-speaking ecosystem, Shiba Television continues to resonate with enthusiasts and industry professionals. By embracing the Kick platform, the channel has increased its visibility and offers an enriched experience for its audience. Stay tuned to Shiba Television on Kick to stay connected with the latest news, interviews, and community-driven events.