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Shib Army News: Shibarium Mainnet – A Journey of Triumph and New Horizons With 800K+ Wallets!



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The name that commands attention and that is being spoken about by more news outlets than any is of course none other than Shibarium Mainnet. The L2 network has taken the stage, showcasing remarkable strides and unprecedented potential.


A noteworthy feat within Shibarium Mainnet’s journey is its steady average block time, consistently maintaining a strong 5.0 seconds. This reflects the network’s dedication to prompt transaction processing, a hallmark in the blockchain landscape. Shibarium Mainnet’s resolute performance only adds to its authenticity and appeal.

Numbers don’t lie, and Shibarium Mainnet’s figures are nothing short of impressive. With a staggering total of 719,821 transactions, the network showcases its ability to handle substantial transaction volumes with finesse. Simultaneously, the network has orchestrated 409,776 blocks, showcasing its adaptability and robustness.


The vitality of a blockchain community finds its expression in its diversity, and Shibarium Mainnet’s community thrives with an impressive network of 822,273 wallet addresses at the time of writing. This growth mirrors the network’s appeal and is resonating with users who find value in active participation within Shibarium.

Amidst the excitement, a significant announcement takes center stage – the launch of the all new The platform transforms how users engage with Shibarium Mainnet transactions. Packed with features, this tool empowers users to gain deep insights into the network’s dynamics, transactions, and performance, offering an unparalleled perspective on the blockchain’s activity.

The evolution to Shibarium Mainnet marks a defining moment in the blockchain landscape. With its optimized gas tracker metrics, steadfast average block time, impressive total transactions and blocks, and thriving community of wallet addresses, Shibarium Mainnet stands tall as a symbol of innovation and progress. The debut of adds an exciting layer, allowing users to immerse themselves in the blockchain world like never before. As we continue this journey, all eyes remain on Shibarium Mainnet, a testament to the boundless potential of blockchain advancements and what the Shib Army can accomplish.