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Shib Army News: WellyFriends – Dishing Out the Future of NFTs with a Culinary Twist



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The digital age has given birth to countless NFT ventures, but every so often, something genuinely fresh emerges, making us sit up and take notice. Today, that something is @wellyfriends. After diving into the latest from GM, Welly’s design lead and project manager, I’m convinced they’re onto something truly unique.


Welly’s masterstroke? Merging the worlds of NFTs and food. As explained by @vincenzomaiett It’s reminiscent of what Luca netz achieved with Pudgy Penguins, but Welly is stirring the pot differently. Rather than dolls or posters, they’re entering our hearts through our stomachs. And let’s be real – who can resist a good meal?

And oh, they aren’t just sticking a toe in the culinary waters, they’re doing a full cannonball. With a staggering 400 franchise applications from across continents and two brick-and-mortar stores on the horizon for 2024, they’re set to make waves. But it’s not just about quantity; they’re championing quality too. Amidst their expansive vision, they’re ensuring that the menu remains health-centric, even going as far as producing their own chicken. Their spin-off, ‘Welly Fresh,’ hints at a foray into vending machines and ghost kitchens, which frankly sounds downright exciting!


Their brand building is, quite honestly, textbook. From day one, they’ve been hammering away at establishing Welly as a recognizable name. Events like Wellybytes aren’t just marketing stints; they’re statements of intent.

Behind this mammoth vision is a team that’s seen the grind and tasted success. GM’s casual drop about running a communication agency in Italy that dealt with billion-revenue clients? It just goes to show the depth of experience driving this venture.

Their tech choice is savvy too. Aligning with Shib and using Shibarium’s blockchain is not just a nod to security and technology, but a bold declaration of transparency. In an age where trust is premium, this move is golden.

But what really warmed my heart is their genuine commitment to community. A regularly updated YouTube channel, frequent touchpoints, and the introduction of Welly DOG, their DAO, showcases a brand that’s listening, valuing feedback, and evolving with its people.

And just when you thought they were all about food, they throw in a curveball. An imminent refresh of their NFT metadata is set to open doors to an artistic universe sprawling with games, comics, animated series, and even toys.

Welly isn’t just making noise; they’re composing a symphony. In a saturated NFT market, they’re crafting a narrative that’s as tasty as it is techy. I, for one, am eagerly waiting for the next course.