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Shib Army News: Welly’s Culinary Revolution: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3



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Last Tuesday was a pretty big deal for Welly, a brand we’ve all come to associate with fast food. They hosted their very first community event in the charming city of Naples, and what they revealed had everyone excited. Welly is stepping into new territory, bridging the gap between web2 and web3 in a way that’s set to reshape not only the brand itself but also how we think about food and technology.


Connecting Two Worlds with a Shared Vision

Welly isn’t satisfied with being just another fast-food joint. Nope, they’re aiming for something much grander – global phenomenon status. Their plan involves creating a seamless connection between web2 and web3, offering experiences that blend both worlds into one big, exciting package.

Right at the heart of this evolution is “Welly Friends,” a collection of 4,273 NFTs. But don’t think of it as just digital art. It’s actually the guardian of Welly’s valuable Intellectual Property (IP), the linchpin of their expansion strategy. As one of Welly’s representatives put it, their mission is to help people from the web2 realm grasp and embrace web3 opportunities as quickly as possible.


A Fresh Spin on Fast Food and Intellectual Property

Part of Welly’s vision involves turning the fast-food game on its head. They’re introducing blockchain technology to track the origins of their food items, a move that’s expected to set new standards for transparency and security in the industry.

But here’s the real game-changer: Welly Fresh. This new sub-brand promises to revolutionize the dining experience. Think layered salads in jars, delicious wraps, and more – all while ensuring the utmost security and transparency through blockchain management. With their first “ghost kitchen” in Naples and five experimental vending machines, Welly Fresh is out to redefine what fast and smart dining really means.

Community Engagement is Key

Welly isn’t forgetting where it came from. They’re keeping the community at the forefront of everything they do. The event last Tuesday was a chance for Welly to connect directly with its holders, giving them a sneak peek into what the future holds. It’s also opened up doors for potential partnerships and investments, according to Welly insiders.

In the words of a Welly representative, “The future is bright; the future is Welly.”

What’s Next?

Welly has promised that more updates are on the horizon. This includes a makeover for the Welly collection’s metadata and ongoing improvements to its core technology. As for the community, they’re encouraged to keep being active participants in Welly’s journey of evolution.

For a brand that started in the fast-food world, Welly is moving at lightning speed towards a future that merges food, technology, and community in this web3 universe. The Naples event wasn’t just a milestone for Welly; it might just be a blueprint for how businesses can thrive in the dynamic space between web2 and web3. Exciting times ahead!