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Shib Army News: Worldwide Revolution – Welly’s Grand Opening with the Shib Army at the Helm!



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If you were to ever Stroll through the ancient alleyways of Naples, Italy, there’s a culinary buzz that’s hard to ignore. It’s where our Modern-day pizza was invested after all. The chatter about Welly’s first-ever store is being talked about all over the world now. Having seen the sneak peek of what they are building, it’s clear that this isn’t just another restaurant. For the Shib community and food lovers globally, there’s an air of anticipation that can’t be denied.


Naples is no stranger to the culinary limelight, but Welly is all set to create a new and exciting chapter for this historic city. Throughout their journey, I’ve been deeply impressed by Welly’s commitment to drawing inspiration from the Shib community. It’s a vision many doubted, but as the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” And Welly has truly lived up to every promise.

Seeing the images of Welly’s restaurant is nothing short of breathtaking for sure. Imagine a state-of-the-art kitchen blending effortlessly with interiors that pay homage to Napoli’s rich history while also embracing cutting-edge designs.


Welly’s commitment to its community shines through in its every action. The collective dreams and hopes of the Shib Army have been woven into the very fabric of this establishment. The excitement in the Shib community is a testament to this beautiful relationship and commitment to Blockchain meeting the real world.

Though Welly’s journey begins in Naples, their dreams are boundless. This opening isn’t just another pin on the map; it’s a massive call signaling their ambition to revolutionize dining experiences worldwide.

As we gear up for the grand unveiling of Welly in Naples, it’s clear that this isn’t merely about opening doors to a new eatery. This is about embarking on a global culinary adventure. Whether you’re a die-hard Shib Army supporter or a food enthusiast hunting for the next big thing, Welly is ready to serve up an experience like no other.