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Shib Army News: Sharbi’s Shibarium Odyssey – The Much Anticipated Launch & The Homecoming



Sharbi Shibarium
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

As the tides of the cryptocurrency markets continue to bobble up and down, some ventures definitely stand out. I recently got a closer look at Sharbi’s strategic launch onto the Shibarium blockchain. Here’s what I discovered.


A New Home for Sharbi (Or A Home Coming)
There’s something uniquely compelling about a project that continually pushes the boundaries, and Sharbi is no exception. Expanding their footprint, Sharbi has announced its foray onto a third chain: the much-watched Shibarium. With an eye-popping total supply of 1 trillion set for the launch, it’s clear Sharbi is not pulling any punches.

In a nod to its most dedicated holders, Sharbi offers an exclusive sneak peek. Those holding a supply of 1% on both of the existing chains will have the privilege of early access before the general public. For those marking their calendars, the 16th at 21:00 UTC is the time to watch.

Understanding Sharbi’s Tax Nuances
For the discerning investor, understanding the finer details is crucial. Sharbi’s tax strategy is as follows:


A consistent 5% tax is levied on both buy and sell actions.

Reward enthusiasts will appreciate the 3% allocation for Bone rewards. A savvy move to incentivize the community.

To ensure liquidity and stability, 1% is designated for the Liquidity Pool.

Interesting dynamics at play with a 1% allocation: for purchases, it’s allocated for manual burns. But for sales? That gets funneled into their marketing endeavors. The buzz is that Sharbi has some captivating marketing campaigns lined up around these events.

Alliance with Marswap: A Partnership of Promise
It’s often those behind-the-scenes partnerships that truly amp up a project’s street cred. Take Sharbi, for instance. Teaming up with Marswap? That’s like your favorite indie band collaborating with a chart-topping artist. Everyone in the know respects Marswap as one of the top DEX players out there. So, when you hear they’re getting involved in Sharbi’s launch, you can’t help but feel a buzz of anticipation mixed with a solid dose of trust.

But Sharbi’s momentum doesn’t end there. Following the launch, they have plans to introduce a staking pool. Additionally, a splash into Marswap’s casino is on the cards, blending serious finance with a dash of entertainment.

The Road Ahead
Having followed countless crypto launches over the years, Sharbi’s venture into Shibarium offers a fresh, invigorating tale of ambition and innovation. Not only that, there are some details we were given about the future plans of Sharbi that are very impressive. Wish we could tell you but it is a secret…for now. Sharbi’s latest move is one to keep on your radar.