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Shiba Army News: Shib The Metaverse – Its Not A Meme Its A Movement! SXSW Introduction



Its Not A Meme Its A Movement
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Austin Texas and SXSW welcome Shib The Metaverse as Shib unveils a powerful new slogan. “It’s Not a Meme -It’s A Movement”


The new slogan was unveiled on the SXSW floor and tweeted by Shytoshi Kusama, who tagged Marcie Jastrow & Sherri Cuono. The image was sent out with 4 tags “#SXSW23 #Shibthemetaverse #shibarium #metaverse”

The excitement that is being displayed in the Shiba Army is phenomenal. The community knows that SXSW and the introduction of Shib The Metaverse to the world are the beginning of a revolution. The new slogan “It’s Not A Meme – Its A Movement” encapsulates the feeling of so many in the Shib Army.  With Shibarium Beta being launched, and thousands of projects filling out the intake form, it seems inevitable that the movement of the community has now become unstoppable. Shib The Metaverse is going to help launch this movement into the future.


The Shiba Inu Token account tweeted about a Happy Hour Event on March 11th “An exclusive Metaverse #HappyHour is coming March 11 at @sxsw 2023 Shiba Inu and Departure Lounge invite you to join us for happy hour to wrap up press day and to kick off the SXSW Interactive track this weekend!”

You can read more about the event at

According to the SXSW official website, the Metaverse panel will be held on March 12th, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST. The panel will include Chris Edwards from The Third Floor, Inc., Marcie Jastrow from Shiba Inu Coin, Peter Martin from  V.a.l.i.s. + 0.Xyz, and Connor Murphy from The Third Floor, Inc.

The panel announcement states “While the building blocks for a vast, open Metaverse continue to be put in place by block-chain gurus and tech giants, some bold artists and entrepreneurs have forged ahead to envision what’s possible on a smaller scale. These pioneers have designed iconic virtual real estate, Metaverse transport devices, and even online playgrounds for VIP members. In this panel, we’ll examine the creative and technical process of authoring Metaverse experiences with existing technologies. How are persistent worlds being conceived and constructed using advanced visualization and virtual production workflows? What can we learn from these examples ahead of the mainstream rush to create compelling content for the Metaverse?”

More information to follow…