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Shiba Inu By The People For The People. Can The SHIBARMY DEVS And BREEDS Work Together?



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Lately, it seems that frustrations are running high within the Shib community but is this something that can be worked out? After all unity in the Shib Ecosystem is what has always been the strongest asset that the SHIB Token has had.


So we have to face the facts that the entire Crypto market has been in a down pattern and even though this is a worldwide occurrence some in the Shib Army are taking it out on each other. So what is the conflict about? It seems that there are outside forces that are hiding in the shadows trying to harm Shiba Inu from the top down. There are multiple reasons for this but one seems to be for personal gain.  Some projects that were created outside the official ecosystem (Which is perfectly fine) were not getting the attention they feel they deserve due to not being endorsed by Shiba Inu officials. This has led to those projects working in tandem with others ,to Dox Devs, Breeds and Supporters, causing mistrust in the community. This is a 2 sided problem, however. There needs to be more communication between Breeds and the SHIB Army as a whole. Does that mean that they can endorse every project? Of course not. If they did they could be liable for anything that goes wrong with those projects.

It seems many of the frustrations are stemming from this lack of communication. Communication is key but one of the issues is the lack of faith the Shib Teams must have after seeing their DM’s plastered all over the web. When we, at Shib,  discuss any information with any Shib Army member we see those messages as private and secure. Could you imagine in times of frustration just venting and seeing your words shown to the world? How can there be trust when this happens?

So here is the good news. The great news in fact. The Shib Army and the Breeds have been communicating with each other lately on Twitter as you can see in their tweets. Shib Joe from the Growth Breed Posted “Can’t we all just be friends? Why are people doxxing? Where are the morals? What’s the purpose? How do we define good and bad? How do you define yourself? We’re supposed to be a community. A positive one. Love ya #ShibBreeds and #SHIBARMY #FrienShib”


This is a major signal of community outreach. Similarly MilkShake also tweeted out a message of support for unity and less fighting. “Why use this platform to continuously promote mockery, fighting, hatred, bullying, & harassment. Crypto communities are so beautiful, so hardworking, can use these connections to help each other, and innovate together. Please stay kind, it starts with respect for everyone.”

The breeds seem to be reaching out for more peace and harmony in the community. So July may just be the catalyst for renewed trust and unity. As Shibilia said “Happy new month to all, I pray July brings you happiness, peace of mind, and blessings”

So all in all the Shib Army stands united with their understanding that the future of the Shiba Inu Token is bright. The community standing strong with the Dvs and Breeds can bring new opportunities and once Shibarium is released we just may very well see new All-Time Highs as the projects that will be built on Shibarium will be also by the people and for the people.  #SHIBARMYUNITED = #SHIBARMYSTRONG