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Shiba Inu News: Shytoshi Kusama Updates The SHIBARMY On Everything In The Shiba Ecosystem.



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

So a lot was explained today in the Discord for updates pertaining to the Shib Ecosystem from Shytoshi Kusama. Normally we would take out points and explain them but Shytoshi did such an amazing job of explaining the path forward we have put it up full and unedited.


“Shytoshi Kusama: OK everyone let’s chat. So Figured I’d come in and surprise everyone and just clear all the thoughts and give updates on everything. So first thank you for being here.”

“Let’s start with MV : I personally believe our MV events have been a huge success. The Metaverse is a big deal for a token people thought was just a meme. It will be a place where all the components or pieces of the chess board work in tandem as great examples of what can be done with the Shib Ecosystem tokens and Shibarium, Shi etc. Its exciting to see the team work so hard at it and the other developments in the space. So in essence, if everything else is pieces on the board, the MV IS THE BOARD.”

“So what’s the driving force? SHIBARIUM, our L2 solution. Kaal and the tech team have been working overtime to finish Shibarium asap and as noted and announced by our frens as X Fund, Shibarium is only months away. This is important because all the other projects and partnershibs we have been working on will utilize Shibarium and are examples of what WE ALL can do with it.”


“Welly’s has over 20 franchise requests worldwide and in the next week(s) you will get details on how our small team there will decentralize fast food through a series of rewards/ incentives that are attached to the NFT sales. Our partnershib with John Richmond is going strong as well and both sides are actually making the first run of clothing that will be worn by A-level supermodels for our NFT sales and again on the runway in Milan.”

“Oh I see the fudders are here. Hi there. Let’s talk about all the fud. The fud is a mess and all it does is stress out the people behind the scenes trying their darndest to lock in stronger partnershibs and leverage what we have and have done. So what do fudders wish to accomplish? Good question. Sometimes they want people to dump Shib so you can buy into ShitcoinX Sometimes it’s just malice or hatred for the team and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. But since we’ve already accomplished outperforming Doge (in some respects) it’s important to note we want EVERYONE to make it. No hard feelings for any LEGIT token, and scammers can get rekt.”

“I see Bone So let’s talk about it. Too often new crypto investors wonder why Bone and Leash…but ultimately to truly be decentralized a voting mechanism must take place. Bone is that for us and as we continue to grow and have more decisions that get passed to the community Bone will become more relevant and obvious in utility.”

“As it pertains to Leash… see how Leash holders (and Shiboshi holders talk about that in a second), were able to gain exclusivity in the MV sales selling thousands of lands before it even became public! This is the power of our ecosystem. Finally… dear to my heart is the Shib game with Playside It’s going GREAT. These guys are pros and William Volk has the connections needed to make sure that the game(s) are a success. Moreover, it provides Shib a deeper mythos and legend that ties a fantasy past into our utopian future. (In the MV). It is my hope to leverage this IP  like we’ve seen with BAYC and even Exploding Kittens today. But again…these projects (Wellys, Game, Fashion) are just examples of what can be done with Shibarium, and completing this is and has always been our focus as it completes Ryoshi’s plan. They’re examples I love but just one of many that will take place as we continue to grow.”

“Honorable mention to all the exchanges that have listed Shib( and now even Bone and Leash) and to Full Sail for meeting with us and helping us teach about Ryoshis plan, our technology, and our larger goal to decentralize the world.”

“None of this is possible with Ryoshi of course but also the devs and breeds who put in hours making sure this machine runs well. Thank you all. I’m sure the next few weeks in our space will be exciting as we unveil progress and some great info about everything I’ve mentioned even when the rest of the world seems to have totally lost it.”

“And there you have it. A quick update. Happy holidays to everyone Celebrating (including the Feasts and Ramadan not just 420) and talk soon.”