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ShibaGuruAMA With Special Guests Shytoshi Kusama and William Volk 02-22-22



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The Shiba Inu Dev team will be hosting an AMA on February 22nd with Watcher Guru. This should be a very interesting AMA as they have said not only will the team from the last AMA be answering questions but there will be 2 Special guests.



The 3 special guests will be none other than lead developer Shytoshi Kusama himself, as well as former Activision Superstar Willam Volk and Kelly Ann Collins, CEO of Vult Lab. As many in the Shib Army already know William Volk is currently working on developing the Shiba Inu Game that is going to be released sometime this year.


Other speakers who will be in attendance are ShibQueenie the discord moderator, plus Archangel & Shibinformer, Shib Influencers.

So what is this AMA going to cover? According to, the key topics are going to be Doggy DAO, Shib, Leash, Bone, Shibaswap, Wellys, Metaverse (Shiberse), Shiboshis, and Shib Games. This means that they will be talking about everything. This comes as a great surprise for the entire Shib Army as many questions have yet to be answered.


This AMA is expecting so many people we are sure that Twitter is preparing for the Twitter Space. Last time Shib had technical difficulties as they overloaded twitter and caused the Space to malfunction through the evening.

Make sure to set your calendars because this is going to be the most eye-opening space Shiba Inu, maybe even Twitter.