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Shibarium Buzz Grows Louder: What the Integrations with CoinGecko, GeckoTerminal, and DEXTools Really Mean



Shibarium Blog Shytoshi Kusama
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

If you’ve been anywhere near the crypto space lately, you’ve probably heard the chatter about Shibarium. It’s almost deafening and for a good reason. The Layer 2 network, developed by the makers of Shiba Inu, is getting some serious attention, and not just from die-hard #SHIBARMY fans. Big players like CoinGecko, GeckoTerminal, and DEXTools have integrated Shibarium into their platforms, and trust me, this is something you’ll want to keep your eyes on.


GeckoTerminal: Your New Go-To Spot for Everything Shibarium
Talk about making a splash! When GeckoTerminal tweeted, “#Shibarium is LIVE on GeckoTerminal!” my Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree. But this isn’t just social media hype; it’s genuinely a big deal. Why? Because now you can track every nook and cranny of Shibarium’s Ethereum-based L2 network.

CoinGecko: Expanding the Shibarium Universe
Hot on the heels of GeckoTerminal, CoinGecko said, “Why not? Let’s add a whole new category for Shibarium tokens.” With this move, the leading crypto data aggregator has made it even easier for traders and enthusiasts like us to find what we’re looking for.


Among the 10 tokens listed in the brand-new Shibarium category, BONE ShibaSwap is stealing the limelight as it is the gas for the Shibarium L2. In our opinion, we are expecting BONE to make significant moves as more people will be utilizing Shibarium and will need BONE to interact.

DEXTools: Trading Shibarium Tokens Just Got Easier
If you were impressed by CoinGecko’s move, wait till you hear about DEXTools. This platform lets users trade Shibarium-based tokens directly. Coming less than a day before the CoinGecko announcement, DEXTools adds yet another layer of credibility and functionality to the growing Shibarium network.

The Countdown to the Public Relaunch
Remember when Shibarium had to pull back and go into a ‘private mode’? Yeah, that was due to an avalanche of users that the system wasn’t fully ready for. But here’s the thing: The developers have been burning the midnight oil to make sure the network is robust enough for a public comeback. The Shib Team has been keeping people updated through blogs and tweets.

The Big Takeaway
So, what does all of this mean? For starters, Shibarium isn’t just another project that’s all sizzle and no steak. It’s gaining traction, and fast. The integrations with big platforms like CoinGecko, GeckoTerminal, and DEXTools are not just a testament to Shibarium’s current standing but also a promising sign of things to come.

As we all wait for Shibarium’s public relaunch, one thing is clear: this is a Layer 2 network you don’t want to overlook. If the activity we’re seeing is any indication of what’s to come, Shibarium is setting itself up to be a significant player in the crypto and DeFi landscapes.