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Shibarium Project News: NowNodes Progresses to Stage 3 As Shibarium Main Launch Imminent



Shibarium L2 Now Nodes
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NowNodes, a prominent infrastructure provider, has shared significant progress in its preparations for the upcoming Shibarium launch. The team is currently transitioning to the third stage of its roadmap, generating a buzz on Social Media.


The engineers at NowNodes have been diligently working to optimize their infrastructure, ensuring a robust and reliable platform for users. Their recent completion of crucial technical maintenance work demonstrates their commitment to providing a smooth experience. By thoroughly analyzing different usage and load scenarios, the team has proactively anticipated potential challenges, striving to create a seamless user experience.

NowNodes is now directing its efforts toward the pivotal third stage: API development. This phase is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted platform uptime and establishing reliable backup processes essential for a successful launch. By prioritizing API development, NowNodes aims to enable users to swiftly access the Shibarium Layer 2 immediately upon the mainnet launch, empowering them to leverage the platform’s full potential without delay.


One notable aspect emphasized by NowNodes is the user-friendly nature of their solution. They have streamlined the process to ensure that users can effortlessly connect to the Shibarium L2 network with just a few clicks. This user-centric approach reflects NowNodes’ commitment to providing accessibility to users of all technical backgrounds.

To stay updated on NowNodes’ progress and receive the latest news, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official NowNodes website at The website serves as a comprehensive source of information about the project, offering insights into the team’s accomplishments, technical details, and upcoming developments.

With their recent completion of essential technical maintenance and their transition to the API development stage, the team is steadily moving closer to establishing a robust and efficient blockchain network.

NowNodes’ progress not only signifies a significant milestone for the project but also reflects advancements in the usage of the Shibaium L2. The Shiba Inu team’s dedication and meticulous planning inspire confidence in the success of the forthcoming mainnet launch.