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Shibarium’s Puppynet Achieves Astounding Milestones: 25,757,164 Transactions & 17,013,019 Wallet Addresses!



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Shibarium’s Puppynet, also known as SHIBARIUM Beta, has reached a series of remarkable milestones, garnering significant attention and enthusiasm within the Shib Army community. With updated data showcasing impressive growth, Puppynet has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the blockchain realm. Let’s dive into the details, explore the extraordinary achievements of Shibarium, and highlight the unwavering support from its passionate community.


Shibarium, the future backbone of the $SHIB token ecosystem, has triumphantly crossed the 25 million transaction mark. This milestone highlights Puppynet’s robust capacity to handle a substantial volume of daily transactions. With an average of 273,805 transactions per day, Puppynet continues to demonstrate its strength as a powerful infrastructure, facilitating seamless and efficient interactions for the thriving Shib Army community and the numerous projects flourishing on the Shibarium platform.

In addition to the impressive transaction volume, Puppynet has recorded a total of 1,495,628 blocks, showcasing the platform’s consistent growth and stability. Each block represents a collection of transactions and contributes to the overall security and integrity of the network. The increasing number of blocks underscores Puppynet’s commitment to maintaining a reliable and efficient blockchain ecosystem.


Another significant milestone for Puppynet is the achievement of 17,013,019 wallet addresses. This exceptional number reflects the widespread reach and growing popularity of Shibarium within the blockchain landscape. The surge in wallet addresses signifies a remarkable influx of individuals joining the #SHIBARMY movement, each contributing to the network’s vibrant ecosystem. Puppynet’s ability to attract such a large user base further solidifies its position as a trusted and sought-after platform in the blockchain industry.

With an average block time of 5.0 seconds, Puppynet ensures swift validation of transactions, enhancing the overall user experience. The quick block time provides near-instantaneous confirmation for participants within the Shibarium ecosystem, promoting efficiency and convenience.

As Shibarium’s Puppynet achieves these remarkable milestones, with 273,805 daily transactions, 1,495,628 total blocks, and an impressive 17,013,019 wallet addresses, the Shib Army community and the entire blockchain realm are taking notice. These accomplishments signify the platform’s growth and its ability to attract a diverse and engaged user base.

Moving forward, it is essential to maintain this momentum and build upon the success of Shibarium and the #SHIBARMY community. The ongoing commitment to development and widespread adoption will be crucial in shaping the platform’s future and solidifying its position as a groundbreaking force in the blockchain world.

As Shibarium’s Puppynet continues to surpass milestones, with 25,757,164 total transactions, 1,495,628 total blocks, and an astounding 17,013,019 wallet addresses, the Shib Army community and the entire blockchain realm are witnessing the remarkable growth of this platform.