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LADS SHIBA Sequoia Forest Has Huge Announcement As ShibaFest Will Take Over Michigan



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LADs Shiba Sequoia Forest made some outstanding announcements for the Shib Army tonight in their spaces. One of the most exciting announcements was that Muskegon Heights Michigan will be holding a Shiba Fest. Some of the details are still up in the air but it seems like it will be a week-long festival in 2023 (Dated TBA) The city council has taken an extreme interest in the Shiba Community thanks to Andrew Prater and his dedication not only to the Shib Amry but also to saving the Giant Sequoia Trees.


Currently, the city council is checking on specific laws so that it can accept Shiba Inu and other cryptos as payment as well as using certain LADS NFT’s to get discounts and freebies on products. According to Andrew there will be camping and lodging opening up for the Shiba Inu Community. The NFTs by Lads are going to be relaunched on PAWZAAR by Pawzone and will be produced by Mewns who creates the 3D SHIBOSHIS.

There is an auction for City-owned property happening at the end of the month and Shiba Sequoia Forest will have access to what is left from that auction. They plan on finding the properties that have the most trees which hold value and work towards obtaining those properties for Shiba Sequoia Forest parks and gardens.

Andrew stated another one of their goals is to make Shiba Inu the official Crypto Currency of Muskegon Heights. They already have multiple vendors on board and working to make the goal of having a Shiba City a reality.


Also, some information was released about Shiba Sequoia Forest Groceries. As Andrew said “This is going to be huge. People will be able to shop at a Shib store while they are here.” One of the great things they do is help feed the poor and the homeless through their programs. They feel that no one should go hungry and although they can help everyone, they help those that they can.

LADS is also working on helping two different hospital networks meet their carbon offset goals. He is working with Shayla that Co-Hosts their weekly Spaces. “A Walk Though the Shiba Sequoia Forest”

This brings us to the amazing job that they are doing and why they are trying to save the Giant Sequoia trees as well as others. It does not matter if you believe that the Climate is changing naturally or it is man-made the point is that deforestation has not helped. By planting trees that absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen they are helping everyone around the world. To read more about what they are doing to clone the endangered trees and see how you can help with any of their programs you can visit