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Shiba Inu Breaking News: CONFIRMED Beta Tests Are Happening For Shiba Eternity Game



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Wow, the news keeps breaking. We first heard about the Shiba Eternity game tests being done in Vietnam but now it seems that tests are going to go live around the world with the Shiba Army Community members as the ones who are doing the test.  According to a tweet put out By Official Team member LAGOJOE in response to a question he said “Beta Tests are happening. Community members are involved with it.


This is following a tweet from Shib Army loved member ShibaMoonShop in which he thanked Shytoshi Kusama for letting him share one of the cards. “Woof Woof!!! Thanks, @ShytoshiKusama for letting me tweet this first. It’s always 4:20 somewhere… I just knew this would be in the collection. Thanks again for everything y’all “


The pace at which things seem to be picking up for the entire Shib Ecosystem shows us that we are nearing the launch of the games which also leads us to believe that the much-awaited L2 Shibarium is just around the corner. Remember that $BONE is the Gas and the backbone of SHIBARIUM.