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Shib Army News: Welly Friends Unveils Exciting Updates: Merchandise, 3D Projects, Toys, Naples Store Opening, & More!



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Welly Friends, the fast-rising Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) concept, has been making waves with a series of exciting updates that are set to captivate its loyal community and food enthusiasts alike. From new merchandise to cutting-edge 3D projects and even plans to revolutionize food tracking with blockchain technology, the brand is gearing up for an eventful and transformative period.


1. Merchandise Delivered and 3D Projects Underway

The Welly Friends team has been hard at work, ensuring that their dedicated supporters can now proudly don their favorite brand apparel. The merchandise has been shipped, spreading the #WellyFamily spirit far and wide. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. With September and October just around the corner, the team is teasing a thrilling 3D project reveal. Expect something innovative and captivating as the brand continues to push the boundaries of creativity and design.

2. Toys Set to Make Their Debut by 2023


The playful world of Welly Friends is about to get even more engaging, as the team announces the first drop test for their delightful toys. Anticipation builds for 2023 as these endearing characters come to life, ready to be part of the #WellyFamily. Each toy will embody the essence of Welly Friends’ core values, fostering joy and unity among its fans.

3. Naples Store Opening – A Culinary Landmark

The Welly Friends team is all set to deliver a memorable experience to its dedicated followers in Naples. The highly awaited store opening is expected before September 12th, promising a unique dining adventure for those who value great food, cheerful ambiance, and heartwarming camaraderie. For the brand, Naples holds a special place as a tribute to its history and community, making this an exciting milestone in their journey.

4. Website Overhaul by Carlo & Antonio

As the brand continues to evolve, it’s only fitting that the online experience matches the enthusiasm and progress Welly Friends brings to the table. The new website, meticulously crafted by Carlo and Antonio, promises an intuitive user interface and engaging content, making it easier for fans to connect with their favorite QSR brand.

5. Vending Plans and Food Selection in the Works

The Welly Friends team is no stranger to innovation, and their latest venture into vending plans and curated food selection proves just that. As the team passionately designs a unique dining experience, they are sure to delight their patrons with an array of delectable treats and exciting surprises.

6. Save the Date: Welly Bytes – A Feast for the Senses

For fans and followers eagerly anticipating an unforgettable event, September 12th holds a special significance. On this date, Welly Bytes, the first official Welly event, will take center stage in Naples. An opportunity for the community to come together, share laughter, and create cherished memories, this event is not to be missed.

7. #SummerOfShibarium – A Packaging Revelation

With the Summer of Shibarium in full swing, Welly Friends is all set to unveil a beautifully designed packaging that will complement the immersive dining experience. The brand’s commitment to aesthetics and attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the customer journey is thoughtfully considered.

8. Food Enters the Blockchain – A Trailblazing Move

In a groundbreaking announcement, Welly Friends proudly declares that food is now entering the blockchain. This innovative step promises to revolutionize the way food safety and transparency are ensured, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer trust.

For fans and enthusiasts of the beloved Welly Friends, the future is filled with tantalizing surprises and forward-thinking endeavors. Keep a close eye on their YouTube channel for exclusive updates and engaging content. As the brand’s momentum continues to soar, it’s clear that Welly Friends is primed to carve its path to success, redefining the QSR landscape with creativity, innovation, and a heartwarming sense of community.