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Shiba Inu News :GIGANTIC Shiba Inu Purchase As Whale Buys 300 Billion Shib Tokens Valued Over 6 Million USD



Wow the markets are down but you would never be able to tell by watching the whales make these purchases. Ethereum Whale BlueWhale0073 just blew our minds with a  purchase of 300,997,019,465 Shiba Inu Tokens Valued at $6,149,369 USD. This whale is ranked 257 according to Whale Stats.


This whale is not the only one that is making purchases of the Shiba Inu Token. as we watch the markets the most popular buys seem to be the Shiba Inu Token, DOGE, Bitcoin, Ethereum and FTX token. We will watch as the Summer time comes because we have a feeling many of these coins are going to explode.