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Wellys PartnerShib: Mixed Reviews From Some In The Shib Army. Is It A Good PartnerShib Or Is It A Bust?



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

So for some in the Shib Army, the partnershib with Wellys has faced some criticism. This is okay as the Shib Army is a diverse group and not sheep that just accept everything that is promoted. What matters is that they all have the same goal of reaching the moon.


So what are some of the concerns with Wellys? Some of the Shiba Holders are worried that it does nothing for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. So here are some of the concerns we have seen”How could a partnership with a small restaurant be worth it?” “Why are we focusing on something that will take so long to even come to fruition?” “Only 2% of net profits is all they are going to burn?”

So I have to admit when the initial announcement of Wellys happened I was a bit uncertain. Since the announcement  I have had the time to look over what this actually brings to the table, no pun intended. I am going to first try to answer some of the concerns that the Shib Army might have about Wellys.

So question 1 was “How could a partnership with a small restaurant in Naples Italy be worth it?”


Well if you zoom out like people tend to say, you will see the bigger picture. Imagine it. The Shiba Inu brand going worldwide. As more and more applications come in from people wanting franchises we can see that no matter where you live, there may be a Wellys one day within a short distance of you. They want to have a Flagship store in one of the major cities in Europe or the United States. This is great for branding as well. Of course, this leads us to the next concern some have raised.

Question 2 “Why are we focusing on something that will take so long to even come to fruition?”

Well, the answer to this one reminds me of a quote I have heard a thousand times. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Yes of course this is going to take time but not decades. If things are rushed just to say “it happened” businesses usually end in failure. But if it is done in small steps and done right, the future of Wellys will be bright. One thing we have to remember also is that the business model is a first of its kind. Unlike other companies that accept cryptocurrency as payment, the idea of Wellys is to be fully integrated into the blockchain. This is so unique that I am sure others will follow, but Shiba Inu has the honor of being the first. This WILL MAKE NEWS HEADLINES when it happens. The final point of this is that when Wellys actually launches in multiple locations, with the Shib Army being as huge as it is, the restaurants will have an enormous customer base to start. People from all over Italy and Europe have already traveled to Naples in order to experience Wellys because of the dedication they have to the Shiba Inu Ecosystem.

Question 3 “Only 2% of net profits is all they are going to burn?”

Well, the answer to this is yes and no from what we can see. So the burn from sales in the actual restaurants will be that percentage but again, this can add up quickly as more and more restaurants are opened worldwide. Take for example Mcdonald’s. Not counting franchise fees two percent of Mcdonald’s annual revenue is 142 Million USD. Now, do I expect Wellys to become as big as Mcdonald’s? Probably not. But the potential is still huge. Now let’s get past the 2% for a minute. Wellys also said that 8 percent would be put into a vote on the DAO. If the community votes to have this burned then it will be as well. Even if they split this up between half burn and half rewards this can equal a substantial amount of money going towards the burn. There will also be a flat rate that will burn out of Franchise Fees. All of these percentages will add up to create a larger burn over time.

So what is our take after having time to think about Wellys and do we at still have any concerns? Of course, but they are minimal. I think the only thing we do not like about Welly’s is the nickname “The Clown Killer”. I understand from a marketing perspective what they are trying to do by repeating the success of “The Doge Killer” that started with Shiba Inu. Other than that we can only see an upside to this partnership. We don’t even feel the burns are near as important as utility and brand awareness. Yes, they will be burning the supply but the fact that you are going to see the Shib/Wellys logo plastered around the world is the equivalent of having a multi-million dollar ad campaign for free. Ask any company and they would kill for this type of exposure. Then we have to take into account the food actually looks delicious, sure I am not convinced it is super healthy, but people don’t go to a fast-food restaurant for healthy food anyway. They want the food to taste good and be fast. Then we have the announcement that came out today that 15% Of Wellys ownership will go directly to the Shiba Inu Token. This will of course benefit the Shib Army.

So in closing everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That is why we invest the way we do. I feel the Shib Team is playing Chess rather than checkers with the moves they are making. Some of you may still think differently but in the end,  all of us believe in the Vision of Ryoshi and the Shiba Inu Ecosystem as a whole.